What I Love About Reiki Healers

This is the post excerpt.

IMG_1633 (1)There is a growing trend of healing outside of the medical establishment, taking form through a real power called Reiki.

What I love about Reiki healers is how they are such a people of strong faith. They are critical thinkers, sometimes professionals, and educated! They dare to believe in the unseen; they are willing to dive deep in their faith. They are risk-takers, willing to swim away from the shoreline.

The dilemma, however, is that leaving the shoreline can sometimes be dangerous.

Imagine the ocean. We don’t always know what’s out there. There are tides and currents that we don’t always know about and they can pull us under without warning, especially if we’re comfortable (unguarded) in them. There are sharks and undiscovered creatures that can take us down. The further we swim away from the shoreline, the deeper the danger.

And it’s subtle. The swim away is slow and subtle. You don’t actually realize how far away from the shoreline you’ve gotten until it’s too late. You need a rescue, or you’re going down.

In my case, I was rescued. God divinely rescued me from dark, dangerous waters of Reiki and led me back to the shoreline of safety; back to Himself. The long swim home has been dizzying and tiring.

Saint Ireneus said “the glory of God is man fully alive” and I believe we are fully alive only when abiding with God and by His truths; no other alternative.

Be warned about Reiki. It is a real, dark power. It is only the power of God that leads to salvation both now and eternally. Only God is Light and Love and Life and Peace, and all the things Reiki claims to be and masquerades as.

Don’t be afraid to swim back to the safe shoreline of God’s commands, where you will find the good you first set out for.


Ashley Renee