Do We Want Our Military Using Reiki?

What is being said about Reiki, and why would it matter?

Christians themselves are being deceived and using Reiki (just as I was). Medical professionals are already using Reiki as, in some cases, it is being offered as an alternative treatment option. Massage therapists are using Reiki, too.

You might ask, “So what? I’m not.”

Here is why the topic is important for ALL:

The future of Reiki, as announced at a world Reiki conference in Australia, is for a full integration into society, including the following areas of focus: military, government  law enforcement, medical establishment, education, and environment.

Help spread the truth about Reiki. Furthermore, here is what others are saying about Reiki:

“A dangerous and occultic practice” per Lighthouse Trails Research Project:

“…spiritual dangers…” per Christian Medical Fellowship:

“…give serious consideration to the biblical warnings…” per Probe Ministries:

“A dangerous occult practice” per Spiritual Research Network:

United States Bishops do not support Reiki, and “grave spiritual dangers” per Women of Grace:

“Satan masquerading as angel of light” per

“Reiki and Christianity Incompatible” per

A Reiki Warning per

“…spiritual dangers…” per

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